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Banned Books Week, 2013: Good News! Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man is back on the Shelves

Wednesday night, the Randolph County School Board reversed its ban on Ralph Ellison’s novel Invisible Man, just nine days after they had removed the book from school library shelves. The vote was six to one. Only board member Gary Mason deemed the book “not appropriate for young teenagers,” according to David Zucchino of the Los Angeles Times.

School board relents: Invisible Man is “vulgar,” but it’s back on the shelves | MobyLives.

Scanning whole books is fair use

Worth knowing (and maybe worth celebrating, at least a little bit):

A landmark fair use ruling: a judge in the Southern District Court of New York has ruled that Google’s program of scanning books for libraries, and giving them copies to use for full-text search is fair use. The suit was brought by the Authors’ Guild against the Hathitrust Digital Library, which holds the digital books for the library.

via Scanning whole books is fair use – Boing Boing.