March Book Display

In honor of National Women’s History Month, the Todd Library will join others in taking time to reexamine and celebrate the wide range of women’s contributions and achievements that are too often overlooked in the telling of our country’s history. Come in and check out our books and audio/visual materials either for enjoyment or a class project.

New Medical Reference/E-Reference

Check out our newest addition available in print in our Reference section and online as an e-reference source:

Magill’s Medical Guide

Library Journal Review: “The content in this critically acclaimed five-volume set, now in its fourth edition, has been evaluated by a panel of medical consultants and then updated by experts or re-edited to ensure currency and accuracy. The guide now includes over 1000 essays, ranging in length from 500 to 3500 words; more than 400 photographs and drawings; and 644 sidebars and tables. The new edition introduces particularly current subject areas such as facial transplantation and avian influenza (bird flu), as well as 44 “In the News” sidebars that evaluate recent media stories about ongoing research and experimental treatments. Counting among the topics covered are the dangerous side effects of Ambien and other sleep aids, new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer, and Iraq War-related diseases. Also noteworthy is the addition of “Symptoms and Warning Signs” and a “Pharmaceutical List” surveying brand-name and generic drugs. Special features include the “Alphabetical List of Contents” in every volume, “Entries by Specialties and Related Fields,” and “Entries by Anatomy or System Affected.” There is also a glossary of medical terms, a list of almost 900 “Diseases and Other Medical Conditions,” an appendix detailing the training and duties of various health-care providers, a list of medical journals, a “General Bibliography and Web Site Directory,” a helpful resource list, and a comprehensive subject index. For each disease and disorder, a concise information box lists causes, symptoms, duration, and treatments, which allows readers quick-reference access.”

February Book Display

With this being such a “political year”, we have decided to focus on still another branch of the government for our February book display. February is the anniversary of the first session of the U.S. Supreme Court which met in New York City in 1790 with Chief Justice John Jay presiding. Come visit the Todd Library and learn more about the history of this governmental branch by checking out our selection.