Copyright Week: Taking Copyright Back (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Copyright used to be a pretty specialized area of law, one that didn’t seem to affect the lives of most people. But with the proliferation of digital technologies and the Internet, a funny thing happened: copyright policy became speech policy, and it started to show up in all sorts of unexpected and unwelcome places.

It’s no longer the case that copyright is only a concern if you run the kind of company that has its own theme parks. Instead, copyright policy can have an effect on any user posting to her favorite sites, sharing videos she’s captured or photos she’s taken. It can affect your basic freedom to tinker, make, and repair your stuff.  And it gives content owners, and governments, a powerful censorship tool, with far too little oversight.

Copyright Week: Taking Copyright Back | Electronic Frontier Foundation.

January Book Display

Martin Luther King JR.January 2014

85th Birth Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.

He was a Black Civil Rights leader, Minister, an advocate of nonviolence and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. Come learn more about him and his “Life and Times” at the Todd Library’s January Book Display.