Shanghai World Expo

photo courtesy of Stefano Meneghetti, found via compfight

The Shanghai World Expo opens May 1 (eight years in the making).  The Expo has everything from an animated giant baby mannequin to a crystal palace that contains seeds from all over the world.  Experts estimate that the Expo has cost somewhere around 58 billion dollars.  Check out the links below to view the amazing architecture and learn more about the Expo!

The Big Picture, “Shanghai’s Expo Nearly Ready
The Official Website for Shanghai Expo 2010
Guardian Article, “Shanghai Expo is Set to Be the World’s Most Expensive Party

Web site of the Week: Conservation Maven

Cooper’s Hawk, a Bird that lives in Illinois
Courtesy of birdfreak

To celebrate Earth Day I’d like to highlight a conservation Web site called Conservation Maven.  This site digests new conservation research articles into fun, readable stories.  For example see “The Wilderness Cemetery: a new approach to funding land conservation” or “The Risk of Reptile Imports Invading Florida“.

Another Web site of the week : Google Books

Image courtesy of cindiann via compfight

Regardless of some of the controversy surrounding Google Books, this resource can be a great tool to use for research papers.  All you’ll need to do is type in a keyword describing what you are looking for and a list of books will appear on the screen.  Many older books are all online, but not all appear in their entirety (some have a chapter or two for you to preview).  Google Books is also a great way to preview a book before you might want to buy it!

Visit the library in Collins Hall and talk to a librarian if you want to learn more about this resource!

Recycle your Cell Phone Here

April 5-11 is National Cell Phone Recycling Week. According to the EPA’s website, if Americans recycled the approximately 130 million cell phones that are disposed of annually, enough energy would be saved to power more than 24,000 homes in a year. Recycling or donating cell phones helps the environment by saving energy and keeping usable materials out of landfills. So drop off your used cell phone at the library today!