Tools for the bookworm

Are you a bibliophile, a bookworm?   Why don’t you try organizing your books and your reading with some free online tools?  With the help of LibraryThing, GoodReads, Shelfari or even “My Library” on Google Books, you can catalog your books, keep track of what you’ve read or what you want to read, as well as read reviews and get recommendations.

Want to join a book club, send a message to an author? Try GoodReads.  Want to catalog your books? Try LibraryThing. Spend a lot of time on Google?  Try “MyLibrary” on Google Books.  The possibilities are endless.  Try one–and let us know which site you like best.

Oil Spill Information

photo by marinephotobank on Flickr

Want to learn more about the science behind the oil spill and what sorts of wildlife is being affected?
Check out these resources:

Encyclopedia of Life
This website focuses  on the species and habitats that are being affected by the oil spill.

Ocean Portal: Gulf Oil Spill
This website hosted by The Smithsonian is  a collaboration between agencies such as National Geographic, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, BBC Earth, and many others.

U.S. Department of Energy Data Summary for Deepwater Horizon

June Book Display

The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union

Many people wonder why the  Soviet Union collapsed, considering its past status as one of the highly influential “Super Powers” in the world. Come visit the Todd Library’s monthly book display in June and learn more about the history of the Soviet Union,  from the Revolution in 1917 to the final collapse in 1991.