World Pollution

Come in and check out our display on world pollution at the reference desk. The Blacksmith Institute, an independant environmental group, has recently published it’s Report on World’s Worst Polluted Places. The Institute evaluates the level of pollution in locations by taking into consideration how much pollution impacts the lives of people, especially children. Here are the top ten Most Polluted Places for 2007:

  • Sumgayit, Azerbaijan
  • Linfen, China
  • Tianying, China
  • Sukinda, India
  • Vapi, India
  • La Oroya, Peru
  • Dzerzhinsk, Russia
  • Norilsk, Russia
  • Chernobyl, Ukraine
  • Kabwe, Zambia

Stop by the library to find out more!

Banned Books Week

It’s Banned Books Week, September 29 – October 6, and we are celebrating our Freedom to Read at the Todd Library! Stop by for a “I Read Banned Books” button. Take a look at our display of authors who have risked it all to write. Look at our selection of books that have been banned or challenged in other institutions. Help protect your First Amendment Rights–Read a Banned Book!


Banned Books Week (September 29-October 6)

Banned Books Week:  Celebrating the Freedom to Read is observed during the last week of September each year.  Observed since 1982, this annual American Library Association event reminds Americans not to take this freedom for granted.  This year marks its 26th anniversary (September 29 through October 6).

BBW celebrates the freedom to choose or the freedom to express one’s opinion even if that opinion may be considered unorthodox or unpopular and stresses the importance of ensuring the availability of those viewpoints to all who wish to read them.   Intellectual freedom exists only where these two essential conditions are met. Visit the Todd Library to check out a banned book and learn more.

Hurricanes: Tracking the Great Storms

Although hurricane season typically peaks during the summer months, some geographical locations of the world experience powerful storms year-round. The typhoons of the Western Pacific are typical meteorologic examples of this pattern. Our current display highlights materials focusing on the history of the great storms. Come visit us and check them out!

Todd Library

You’ve found the parking lot, your classrooms and the closest vending machines–NOW IT’S TIME TO FIND THE LIBRARY! If you are new to campus, the Todd Library is located on the 2nd floor of Collins Hall, just south of the new Science Building. You can also access our databases, e-books and library catalog from any internet connection–on campus or off campus. Need help? Call 466-7900 ext. 2396, or instant message us at wccrefdesk at Yahoo, AOL or GTalk.