At the Movies

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Need some information about your favorite film? Check out The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) , and find who directed, or acted in Stripes or Clerks. Do you know the name of the movie that Arnold Scharzenegger first starred in? What’s tops at the box office this week? What movies are opening this week? It’s all available on IMDB. Also add to your searching for more movie, tv and game reviews. Who’s up for Best Actor at the Oscars this year? See for all the latest on the Oscars. Try any of these sites in the library and while you’re here play film quote trivia and vote for your favorite movie.

Leisure Reading at your library

Did you know? Libraries at the Aurora and Copley campuses have magazines available for leisure reading. Look for the magazine racks located in each library. Some of the magazines available are:

•NASCAR Illustrated
•Sporting News
•Midwest Living

Stop by to see all of the magazines that are available. We also have leisure reading magazines at the Sugar Grove campus, included in our current periodicals section, and a collection of paperback books. The paperback books are updated with popular new titles periodically.

The Aurora campus has a new reading area with comfortable chairs and benches. It is located around the corner from the computer lab right by the magazine rack.

Come by any of the library locations to enjoy a break and do some reading!

Do you know what you can find at the library?

Do you know what you can find at the library? New to Waubonsee this semester, never been to the library? Come and check us out–in person or online!

  • Internet access
  • Copy machines
  • Newspapers
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Multimedia viewing room
  • Current magazines
  • Reserve materials for your classes
  • Online encyclopedias
  • Telecourses for library use
  • Online or live reference help
  • ebook and general book collection
  • Remote database access for registered students
  • Place to study

Stop by the 2nd floor of Collins or visit