Go Green in the Hereafter

If you want to be as eco-friendly as possible and you want to plan ahead, consider a green burial optionGrave-3. Some cemeteries now offer green options and do not use embalmment, entomb- ment or non-biodegradable materials. Consider a minimal casket or cloth shroud. Or cremated remains can be mixed with ashes and formed into a “honeycombed igloo” which becomes a sea-creature habitat when sunk onto an established reef. As Billy Campbell, MD of  Ramsey Creek natural cemetary says, “We work to reincorporate the dead into the trees and flowers, catching them up in the cycles of life and death, decomposition and rebirth, that sustain us all.”

Website of the Week: Health News Review

Website of the Week
(This new series will highlight a new website from different disciplines every week.)

Health News Review

This website evaluates health related news stories featured in the media to see if they accurate or if they written for shock value.  Physicians from Health News Review evaluate current health news on ten different criterion, including:

  • Does the report exaggerate human consequences?
  • Are treatment costs mentioned in the report?
  • Are the harms of treatment options discussed?

1909 Plan of Chicago – Burnham’s Vision of an American Metropolis

In celebration of the Burnham Plan Centennial, the Todd Library is proud to have on display November 1-8 a photo-panel exhibit of the original 1909 Plan of Chicago created by Daniel H. Burnham and Edward H. Bennett. Commemorating the publication of the Plan, the exhibit emphasizes its relevance to metropolitan development through the 20th century and into the future.

Visit the library to view this historic display and renew your interest in Chicago history.



Think you haven’t read it? Think again!

glbt“The idea that GLBT literature is confined to GLBT characters and therefore of limited audience interest represents interconnected misconceptions.”  Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Literature. Readers probably recognize gay and lesbian authors Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf.  But many might be surprised that classics by Herman Melville and William Shakespeare are also considered as having GLBT themes.  Stop in and see our display–you just might find you’ve read more GLBT literature than you think!