2007 ASNE Awards

2007 ASNE Award Winners
The American Society of Newspaper Editors’ (ASNE) awards honor the most distinguished newspaper writing and photography from the last year

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Jesse Laventhol Prize for Deadline News Reporting by an Individual

Medic Tends a Fallen Marine, With Skill, Prayer and Anger
The New York Times, November 2, 2006
Author: C. J. CHIVERS

Jesse Laventhol Prize for Deadline News Reporting by a Team
Tragedy at Falk Corp. – Gas leak suspected as cause of blast
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI), December 7, 2006

Batten Medal
When Mom Is Over There – A Family Learns to Stay the Course and Prays for a Safe Return…
Washington Post, The (DC), January 8, 2006
Author: Anne Hull; Washington Post Staff Writer
*One of five stories that eloquently explored the subtle effects of the Iraq War on a range of Americans.

Commentary/Column Writing
Nostalgia Is Now For Sale, and It’s Costly
Miami Herald, The (FL), May 24, 2006
Author: Ana Menendez, amenendez@herald.com

Freedom Forum/ASNE Award for Distinguished Writing on Diversity
A Muslim Leader in Brooklyn, Reconciling 2 Worlds
New York Times, March 5, 2006
By Andrea Elliott
*One from a series entitled “An Imam in America.”

Distinguished Writing Award for Editorial Writing
Eagles for Sale?
Orlando Sentinel, The (FL)
Editorial Page Writers
*One from a series of five editorials called “Florida’s Shame.”

Distinguished Writing Award for Local Accountability Reporting
Secrecy Hides Cozy Ties In Guardianship Cases
Seattle Times, December 4, 2006
Author: Cheryl Phillips, Maureen O’Hagan And Justin Mayo
*One from a series entitled “Your Courts, Their Secrets.”

Distinguished Writing Award for Nondeadline Writing
The final journey of Arthur Clifton – His good life included a successful career and a loving family. His death–a universal tale–proved to be a test of faith and love.
Chicago Tribune (IL), November 19, 2006
Author: Barbara Brotman
*One from a series of two articles entitled “The final journey of Arthur Clifton.”

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