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Being a Better Online Reader

Certainly, as we turn to online reading, the physiology of the reading process itself shifts; we don’t read the same way online as we do on paper. Anne Mangen, a professor at the National Centre for Reading Education and Research at the University of Stavanger, in Norway, points out that reading is always an interaction between a person and a technology, be it a computer or an e-reader or even a bound book. Reading “involves factors not usually acknowledged,” she told me. “The ergonomics, the haptics of the device itself. The tangibility of paper versus the intangibility of something digital.” The contrast of pixels, the layout of the words, the concept of scrolling versus turning a page, the physicality of a book versus the ephemerality of a screen, the ability to hyperlink and move from source to source within seconds online—all these variables translate into a different reading experience.

Being a Better Online Reader – The New Yorker.

Daily Infrastructure Report (from Homeland Security)

Did you know that the Department of Homeland Security offers a daily infrastructure report?  Well, you do now.

The DHS Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report is collected each business day as a summary of open-source published information concerning significant critical infrastructure issues,

Here are some issues, from June 11 Report:

  • Researchers at CrowdStrike released a report on a cyberespionage group dubbed Putter Panda that possibly has ties to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and primarily targets U.S, Japanese, and European aerospace, satellite, and communications industries.
  • A fire broke out at Sorenson Farms in Grandview, Washington, June 8 which caused an estimated $1.5 million in damage.
  • Firefighters reached 65 percent containment on a fire that broke out June 9 at a Thompson Hardwoods wood processing facility in Hazlehurst, New York, when a load of lumber was pulled out of a drying kin and strong winds spread embers from that load to other lumber in the warehouse.
  • Authorities are investigating the source of a Salmonellosis outbreak linked to Proper Restaurant in Boone, North Carolina,

DHS Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report | Homeland Security.