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Worth knowing: DuckDuckGo – an alternative to Google

Spend some time getting to know the best search alternative to Google/Bing: DuckDuckGo.  This is a search engine that promises to respect user’s privacy (that is, it does not track & store its users clicks). And it builds in other search tools as well, like WolframAlpha

Always remember: there is more to life than Google.

Meet Gabriel Weinberg, the man taking on Google and Bing – Neowin.

Ahhh, love that Wolfram Alpha…

One can now know, literally, what flights are in the sky above you.

To access this literal, real-time flight search, just type “flights overhead” into the Wolfram Alpha search box, and voilá! If you’re using a desktop computer, Wolfram Alpha does its best to figure out your location automatically and — if there are flights in the sky above you — lists the commercial flights in the area. You’ll also see the planes’ altitude and angle against the horizon, how far away they are and the aircraft type.

Wolfram Alpha Offers New Twist On Flight Search: Literal Answers To What Planes Are Overhead.