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Web site of the Week

FDA Dietary Supplements

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Dietary and nutritional supplements can be confusing.  The FDA’s Dietary Supplement Web site can clear up some of the confusion.  It defines what a dietary supplement is and explains what the FDA does and does not regulate.  The FDA’s site also has an “alerts” section that names specific supplements that have found to be harmful to people.  For example, a couple of years ago the story of the man who turned blue after taking colloidal silver popped up in the news.  It is your health-make sure you know what is going into your body!

To see what ingredients are in a specific supplement visit the Dietary Supplements Database.

Web Site of the Week: Worldmapper

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Worldmapper is not a traditional map Web site.  Instead it is a fun way to understand statistics visually.  Worldmapper has a collection of maps that are re-sized according to different subjects/interests.  For example, the map above shows each country’s size in proportion to it’s population compared to the rest of the world.  You can view maps by many different subjects ranging from amount of commute time to number of deaths caused by war.

Web site of the Week: Slave Narratives from MoAD


The Museum of African Diaspora has an online exhibit called Slave Narratives that features audio clips of former slave stories.  The site features a short biography about the individual and a personal account of what it felt like to be a slave.  You can either listen to the account online or read the transcript online.

If you are interested in this topic also check out “Excerpts from Slave Narratives” from Steven Mintz at the University of Houston or Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass from the Berkeley Digital Library.