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One Wikipedia entry = 12 print books. Wow.

James Bridle, of booktwo.org, writes about how one entry in Wikipedia – The Iraq War – turned into a multi-volume set, 12 books in all.  Basically, Mr Bridle, took all the edits to that one entry, made between Dec. 2004 and Nov 2009 and turned them into a 12-volume look into ‘flow of history,’ Wikipedia-style

This particular book—or rather, set of books—is every edit made to a single Wikipedia article,  during the five years between the article’s inception in December 2004 and November 2009, a total of 12,000 changes and almost 7,000 pages.

It amounts to twelve volumes: the size of a single old-style encyclopaedia. It contains arguments over numbers, differences of opinion on relevance and political standpoints, and frequent moments when someone erases the whole thing and just writes “Saddam Hussein was a dickhead”.

It is a rather fascinating concept and posting.  Read it at booktwo.org.  See his presentation on Slideshare.  Or listen to his presentation at Huffduffer [he presented at dContruct 2010].

December Book Display

Pearl Harbor photo

“A date that will live in infamy”

December 7, 1941 at 7:55 am (local time) nearly 200 Japanese aircraft attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii which was considered the US  “Gibraltar of the Pacific”. The raid, that lasted less than an hour, killed nearly 3,000 people. A declaration of war was requested by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and approved by the Congress on December 8th, which caused the United States to enter into World War II. Come check out our December Memorial Book Display as we explore past and present history books  and videos concerning this most important date.