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Storybook Plutocracy: Thomas Frank reviews George Packer’s ‘The Unwinding’

Thomas Frank (Harper’s, Founder of The Baffler) says this in reviewing George Packer’s National Book Award-winning book The Unwinding:

George Packer’s The Unwinding is a minor masterpiece of the social-disintegration genre—a beautifully written, clinically observed story of the slow-rolling economic transformation that has, over the last 30-odd years, made vast parts of America into a destitute wasteland while lifting a fortunate few to a kind of heaven on earth…

Public Books — Storybook Plutocracy.

McBride, Packer win big at the 2013 National Book Awards

Winners, 2013 National Book Awards:

  • Fiction: The Good Lord Bird, by James McBride
  • Nonfiction The Unwinding, by George Packer
  • Poetry: Incarnadine, by Mary Sybist
  • Young People’s Literature: The Thing About Luck, by Cynthia Kadohata

Winner/Poet Mary Sybist provides the night’s winning quote: “There’s plenty that poetry cannot do, but the miracle of course, is how much it can do, is how much it does do.”

McBride, Packer win big at the 2013 National Book Awards | MobyLives.