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Save the Earth – Eat less Meat

“The University of Chicago reports that going vegan is 50% more effective than switching to a hybrid car in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Eating 1 pound of meat is environmentally equal to driving 40 miles in an SUV.” Your Real Carbon Footprint.  Statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that animal agriculture is the number one source of methane emissions in the United States. Cutting meat from just one meal a week can make a huge difference – for your health and for the health of the environment.

Web site of the Week: Greener Choices

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The company that puts out Consumer Reports (Consumers Union) has a website that helps people make environmentally friendly choices.  Greener Choices has a section on deciphering green labels to help you understand various claims being made about products.  In another section, Greener Choices compares cars, appliances, and other products to one another based on their environmental impacts.  This website also has a great list of related websites under the Tools-Resources tab where you can get more information about climate change, renewable resources, and sustainable agriculture.

Go Green in the Hereafter

If you want to be as eco-friendly as possible and you want to plan ahead, consider a green burial optionGrave-3. Some cemeteries now offer green options and do not use embalmment, entomb- ment or non-biodegradable materials. Consider a minimal casket or cloth shroud. Or cremated remains can be mixed with ashes and formed into a “honeycombed igloo” which becomes a sea-creature habitat when sunk onto an established reef. As Billy Campbell, MD of  Ramsey Creek natural cemetary says, “We work to reincorporate the dead into the trees and flowers, catching them up in the cycles of life and death, decomposition and rebirth, that sustain us all.”

April Book Display

You have probably heard of “911” or the Chicago “Heat Wave”, possibly the Hindenburg Explosion, the Dust Bowl or the Great Mississippi Flood of 1993 – but have you heard of the Texas City Disaster of 1947 known to be the worst industrial disaster in U.S. history, the Halifax Explosion of 1917 or the “Great Tri-State Tornado” of 1925 that struck Illinois? April’s library theme will be Disasters – Natural and Man-Made. Come in and learn about the  fortitude of mankind and share some new knowledge with others.