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A poet by any other name. Who is “the speaker” and does it matter?

In a way, these passages [of Whitman’s] present a challenge to the modern academic terminology of “the speaker.” In this critical tradition, students may discuss the words not of John Donne but of “Donne’s speaker,” and even (though this sounds more peculiar) not the words of Emily Dickinson but of “Dickinson’s speaker.”

Useful though the notion of “the speaker” may be sometimes, it is challenged by certain poems.

Ben Jonson’s “On My First Son”: Does “the speaker” matter? – Slate Magazine.

Amazon.com introduces @author



What Is @author?

@author is new feature in a limited beta release on Kindle and Amazon Author Pages that connects readers with their favorite writers and their books. It’s easy: Readers can ask AUTHORS questions directly from their Kindles, or post them to Amazon Author Pages.

Anyone who has purchased items from Amazon.com can reply to an existing question or ask a new one, and all visitors to Amazon.com can read any current question or response…

It is in beta, for now.

Amazon.com: @author.

Worth Noting: Author gets $4.20 (print book) vs $2.27 (ebook)

The upshot: From an e-book sale, an author makes a little more than half what he or she makes from a hardcover sale.

The new economics of the e-book make the author’s quandary painfully clear: A new $28 hardcover book returns half, or $14, to the publisher, and 15%, or $4.20, to the author. Under many e-book deals currently, a digital book sells for $12.99, returning 70%, or $9.09, to the publisher and typically 25% of that, or $2.27, to the author.