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Another Web site of the week : Google Books

Image courtesy of cindiann via compfight

Regardless of some of the controversy surrounding Google Books, this resource can be a great tool to use for research papers.  All you’ll need to do is type in a keyword describing what you are looking for and a list of books will appear on the screen.  Many older books are all online, but not all appear in their entirety (some have a chapter or two for you to preview).  Google Books is also a great way to preview a book before you might want to buy it!

Visit the library in Collins Hall and talk to a librarian if you want to learn more about this resource!

Angkor: What happened to this ancient civilization?

Image found at Wikimedia Commons

Come to the library to see our display on Angkor, the ancient city in Cambodia that was the central to the Khmer Empire a thousand years ago.  Scientists still aren’t sure what caused the demise of this thriving city that was home to a million people.  If you aren’t able to stop by the library you can read all about Angkor in the National Geographic article “Diving Angkor” that was published in July of 2009.

Web site of the Week: Science Daily

Image via wikimedia

I would definitely recommend using the library’s databases if you are looking for scholarly science articles, but what if you are looking for topic ideas or want to browse science stories for fun?  In that case, I would recommend Science Daily.  Science Daily has hundreds of short articles that summarize research articles that have been published.

Science Daily covers a wide variety of topics from psychology “Psychologists Search for Secret of Happiness at Work” to archaeology “Giant Stone Head of Ancient Egypt’s King Amenhotep III Discovered”.

Web site of the week: Medline Plus

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Do you need information on a health related topic that you can trust?  If you do, I would recommend you start at a Web site called Medline Plus.  This site, put out by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, is your link to interactive health tutorials, medical encyclopedias, and health related news.