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Smithsonian Magazine Musuem Day

Saturday, September 25 is Museum Day.  Museum Day is an annual event hosted by Smithsonian Media in which participating museums across the country open their doors for free to anyone presenting a Museum Day Ticket.  Museums participating in this event in our area include the Adler Planetarium, Museum of Contemporary Art, and more.

Read more and get your free pass at

Oil Spill Information

photo by marinephotobank on Flickr

Want to learn more about the science behind the oil spill and what sorts of wildlife is being affected?
Check out these resources:

Encyclopedia of Life
This website focuses  on the species and habitats that are being affected by the oil spill.

Ocean Portal: Gulf Oil Spill
This website hosted by The Smithsonian is  a collaboration between agencies such as National Geographic, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, BBC Earth, and many others.

U.S. Department of Energy Data Summary for Deepwater Horizon

Web site of the Week: OWL

Image courtesy of Markus Rodder, found via compfight

It’s that time of the semester again when students are frantically trying to finish up research papers.  If you still need research help please stop by the library.  If you are working on putting your paper together or formatting your works cited page I would suggest looking at Purdue’s Online Writing Lab also known as OWL.  It has up to date MLA and APA citation style guides that show you exactly how to cite your research.  If you are graduating and looking for a job the OWL also has a nice section on job search writing and resumes.

Shanghai World Expo

photo courtesy of Stefano Meneghetti, found via compfight

The Shanghai World Expo opens May 1 (eight years in the making).  The Expo has everything from an animated giant baby mannequin to a crystal palace that contains seeds from all over the world.  Experts estimate that the Expo has cost somewhere around 58 billion dollars.  Check out the links below to view the amazing architecture and learn more about the Expo!

The Big Picture, “Shanghai’s Expo Nearly Ready
The Official Website for Shanghai Expo 2010
Guardian Article, “Shanghai Expo is Set to Be the World’s Most Expensive Party

Web site of the Week: Conservation Maven

Cooper’s Hawk, a Bird that lives in Illinois
Courtesy of birdfreak

To celebrate Earth Day I’d like to highlight a conservation Web site called Conservation Maven.  This site digests new conservation research articles into fun, readable stories.  For example see “The Wilderness Cemetery: a new approach to funding land conservation” or “The Risk of Reptile Imports Invading Florida“.