Feds see red, seize funds from book

A writer’s book advance was seized by the government, because the title of his book is the same as a terrorist organization.

David Axe is a freelance reporter and author of the graphic novel Army of God, which details the aggressive and violent exploits of Joseph Kony, the leader of Central Africa’s Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group.

Kony, you probably know, is accused of terrorizing Ugandan civilians and using children as soldiers and sex slaves; he was the subject of Kony 2012, an online campaign designed to remove him from power before the end of 2012.

According to War is Boring, a collective (including Axe) of citizen journalists with an interest in world and national security, the federal office of Foreign Assets Control confiscated the majority of Army of God’s advance payment, claiming it was being used to fund a terrorist organization.


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