April Book Display

With the hosting of the Waubonsee Community College’s  Student Art Exhibit this Spring  in the Todd Library, we will be featuring some of our own collection of various books surrounding the ” World of Art and Artists”. Come join us to view the talents of our students as well as our vast array of art noteworthy books.

Angkor: What happened to this ancient civilization?

Image found at Wikimedia Commons

Come to the library to see our display on Angkor, the ancient city in Cambodia that was the central to the Khmer Empire a thousand years ago.  Scientists still aren’t sure what caused the demise of this thriving city that was home to a million people.  If you aren’t able to stop by the library you can read all about Angkor in the National Geographic article “Diving Angkor” that was published in July of 2009.

“Poetry is life distilled.” ~Gwendolyn Brooks

April is National Poetry Month–a celebration of poetry and our complex poetic heritage. Established by the Academy of American Poets in 1996, National Poetry Month is a chance for everyone to return to that art form which predates literacy yet remains as current as the lyrics on the latest downloaded songs. Stop in to the library and pick up some poetry–old favorite or new, to read aloud or silently, slim volume or weighty tome or just one to slip into your pocket.

Web site of the Week: Science Daily

Image via wikimedia


I would definitely recommend using the library’s databases if you are looking for scholarly science articles, but what if you are looking for topic ideas or want to browse science stories for fun?  In that case, I would recommend Science Daily.  Science Daily has hundreds of short articles that summarize research articles that have been published.

Science Daily covers a wide variety of topics from psychology “Psychologists Search for Secret of Happiness at Work” to archaeology “Giant Stone Head of Ancient Egypt’s King Amenhotep III Discovered”.