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FYI: Your Phone Is Tracking Your Every Move


Researchers have discovered that the iPhone is keeping track of where you go and storing that information in a file that is stored – unencrypted and unprotected – onto any machine with which you synchronize your phone.

…While it is not unusual for cellphones to track users’ location, that information is typically kept behind a firewall and it requires a court order for others to be able to access it. This isn’t the case with this particular file, raising serious questions about privacy and security.

Your iPhone Is Tracking Your Every Move (ReadWriteWeb)

Wohlers and Todd Library featured in international publication

On Wednesday, January 12, 2011, the SirsiDynix corporation released a case study featuring Waubonsee Community College’s very own Todd Library. SirsiDynix is a leader in the library software industry and provides services to libraries in seventy countries. The case study highlights many of the advances in technology the Todd Library’s Technology Coordinator John Wohlers has pioneered in the past seven years. The study will be used by SirsiDynix to promote the advanced features of their products to its clients world wide.

Photo of the Todd Library
Technology plays a part in the Todd Library's offerings to its patrons.

Read the full case study at the SirsiDynix website by selecting “Academic” from the “Solutions” menu, and then following the link to “Case Studies” or by visiting the url: http://bit.ly/edLqwx .