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February Book Display

With this being such a “political year”, we have decided to focus on still another branch of the government for our February book display. February is the anniversary of the first session of the U.S. Supreme Court which met in New York City in 1790 with Chief Justice John Jay presiding. Come visit the Todd Library and learn more about the history of this governmental branch by checking out our selection.

January book display

How familiar are you with copyright laws and how they may apply to your life here on campus? January marks the anniversary of the Copyright Revision Law. The act (Public Law 94-553) contains substantial revisions of the principles governing acquisition and duration of copyright and deals with issues that have been raised in recent years concerning photocopying and the use of copyrighted works by public broadcasting and cable television systems. There have been even more additions/revisions since internet technology has become so prevalent. Come check out our book display and learn more about this important issue.

December Book Display

December is known as the month of “peace and good will toward all men”, but in the real world Human Rights are still being violated. December marks the anniversary of the UN General Assembly adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Come visit our book display and check out information on this most important issue.

The history of the “Cold War” and beyond

The theme for our November book display is The history of the “Cold War” and beyond. The Cold War formally ended in mid-November 1990 with the signing of a treaty in Paris France by the leaders of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE). There are questions rising today that we may be escalating back into the mind set of the Cold War era. Come visit the history and possibly find something of interest for a research paper and judge for yourself.

August Book Display

The month of August is remembered, in part, as the month the first Atomic Bomb was ever used in World War II. Sixty two years later there is still an interest in the stories surrounding these devastating  days of war and the Japanese people before, during and right up to present day. Come join us in the Todd Library and check out some of our collection on Japan and its cultural way of life.