Draftback: “Watch Me Write This Article”

In November, [James] Somers, a developer for Genius, released an app calledDraftback.1 It’s a fascinating experiment that treats writing like data. After years of trying to build a program, Somers realized that Google Docs was already saving every keystroke we enter. So he hacked Google Docs to play documents back to their authors, materializing on the screen with every stutter-step inherent to the writing process. In its latest form, Draftback is a Google Chrome extension that can reach deep into the archives of any Google Doc you have editing rights to, make sense of all that writing and rewriting you innocuously poured into it, and beam it right back to you, backspaces and all. It doesn’t matter if your document was created before or after you installed Draftback — the keystrokes have been buried the whole time. Draftback can unearth any fossil.

Watch Me Write This Article | FiveThirtyEight.

March Book Display

Women's History MonthMarch 2015 Book Display

The U.S. celebrates Women’s  History Month in March in order to highlight and celebrate the many historic and contemporary contributions of women to society.  Come to the Todd Library to check out some of our books and quotes concerning women.