The Anti-Information Age

This combination of traditional and innovative methods has created a more varied menu of censorship than ever before. Stealth censorship appeals to authoritarian governments that want to appear like democracies—or at least not like old-style dictatorships. In illiberal democracies, of which there are a growing number, the government aims to keep a grip on the news media while concealing its fingerprints. A global survey of attacks on the press today shows governments mixing direct and indirect pressures as part of a booming emerging market in information control.

The Anti-Information Age – The Atlantic.

#PrivacyProject: “I give this app permission to…” (video)

The biggest risk to your privacy is your smartphone.

Some of the most popular apps on your smartphone ask for permissions that expose data to outside sources. We asked people on the street to read some of these permissions out loud so we could capture their reactions.

Take control of your privacy. #privacyproject

The head of the FCC just proposed the strongest net neutrality rules ever

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday proposed the “strongest open Internet protections” the Web has ever seen.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said by placing broadband Internet providers such as Comcast and Verizon Wireless under a stricter regulatory regime, consumers would be ensured an open Internet. Under the new regime, broadband providers would be explicitly banned from blocking content or creating fast lanes for Web services that can pay for preferential treatment into American homes.

The proposal is the latest in a year-long struggle by Wheeler, a former lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry, to create so-called net neutrality rules, amid great public interest in the creation of strong rules and fierce opposition by deep-pocketed telecom and cable companies.

The head of the FCC just proposed the strongest net neutrality rules ever – The Washington Post.