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June Book Display


June 2013 Book Display

This month, we are paying tribute to the diverse cultures and immeasurable contributions of all Americans who trace their heritage to the Caribbean. Come learn more about the history, culture beliefs, music and we even have a few cook books with Caribbean dishes for you to try. Join us at the Todd Library and check them out.

May Book Display

Graduate cap diploma

May 2013- Graduation Month

What will be your next adventure?

Check out some of our resources to prepare you for your next stage in life, whether it be continuing onto a four year college or entering the wide fields of work force employment. Todd Library has a large variety of information for you.

February Book Display

Anniversary of Soviet Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan – 1989

The USSR’s target of withdrawal of all Soviet troops from Afghanistan by this date was essentially met, ending more than nine years of intervention in a civil war. Check out some of the “future” developments of the country afterwards through the WCC Library Collection.