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Historic Hauntings

Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night?

In cooperation with Community Education’s program on Chicagoland ghost stories, the Todd Library will be displaying some of it’s own book collection on ghosts and hauntings. Come check them out and remember that Halloween is just around the corner!

September Book Display

September 1st ushers in the various celebrations of Hispanic pride and heritage beginning in Chile and Mexico and extending throughout the month for the rest of Central and South America as well as here in the United States. Come join us at the Todd Library as we too celebrate this heritage in our monthly book display. Many DVDs have been added to our collection as well.

August Book Display

With the anniversaries of three famous volcanic eruptions and the current volcanic activity going on in Alaska and Chile, the Todd Library will be hosting a book display on historic and current information concerning volcanoes. Did you know that volcanoes are blamed for “killing” the earth? And Underwater volcanoes are blamed for Mass extinctions? Come “check it out” at the library.

June Book Display

You may have heard of the Smithsonian Institution and know that it is located in Washington D.C. but do you know the “story behind the story”? Come visit the Todd Library during the month of June and find out about the benefactor, James Smithson and check out some of our wide varied collection produced by the Smithsonian.