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New Posters at the Library

Come in and take a look at the new posters being displayed at Todd Library. They are reproductions from the Federal Art Project (FAP) made during the Depression for the Works Progress Administration. The goal of the project was to hire unemployed artists to create art for governmental buildings, such as libraries. The Project helped create over 200,000 murals, posters, and paintings. For more information about the project, see the American Memories section on the Library of Congress web site.

August Book Display

The month of August is remembered, in part, as the month the first Atomic Bomb was ever used in World War II. Sixty two years later there is still an interest in the stories surrounding these devastating  days of war and the Japanese people before, during and right up to present day. Come join us in the Todd Library and check out some of our collection on Japan and its cultural way of life.

July’s book display

Known as the “The National Pastime” baseball’s Major Leagues will be celebrating the anniversary of the first “All-Star Game” first played on July 6, 1933. The Todd Library will join in that celebration with a collection of books concerning this summer game.

National Women’s History Month Display

With March being Women’s History Month, the Todd Library took one piece of that history and made it part of our Featured Book Display. Our theme was based around the “Woman Suffrage Movement and Beyond.” From the struggle of the early days of the movement, to the abuse taken by the women, to the final victories won by and for future generations – all is covered within this collection.

At the Movies

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Need some information about your favorite film? Check out The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) , and find who directed, or acted in Stripes or Clerks. Do you know the name of the movie that Arnold Scharzenegger first starred in? What’s tops at the box office this week? What movies are opening this week? It’s all available on IMDB. Also add to your searching for more movie, tv and game reviews. Who’s up for Best Actor at the Oscars this year? See for all the latest on the Oscars. Try any of these sites in the library and while you’re here play film quote trivia and vote for your favorite movie.