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April is National Poetry Month

What do Rita Dove, Robert Frost and Charles Simic all have in common? They have all been Poet Laureate of the United States! According to the poetry lovers at, “National Poetry Month was established by the Academy of American Poets as a month-long, national celebration of poetry. The concept was to increase the attention paid-by individuals and the media—to the art of poetry, to living poets, to our poetic heritage, and to poetry books and magazines. In the end, we hoped to achieve an increase in the visibility, presence, and accessibility of poetry in our culture.” Here at the Todd Library, check out our display of old favorites and new faces. Take a poem for “Poem in your Pocket” Day, April 17. Read the poem of the day. Enjoy!

“Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them.” Charles Simic

Stress Awareness Month

With the endurance of long, cold winter days and nights, Income Tax deadlines, impending research papers, the economy crunches, we recognize the formidable stresses in our lives. The Todd Library can help! Visit us and check out some of our related self-help materials. No time to stop by the library? May it easy on yourself…..just check out one of our many e-books offering helpful tips for stress reduction and management. Keep yourself healthy by reducing stress in your life.

March Book Display

In honor of National Women’s History Month, the Todd Library will join others in taking time to reexamine and celebrate the wide range of women’s contributions and achievements that are too often overlooked in the telling of our country’s history. Come in and check out our books and audio/visual materials either for enjoyment or a class project.

February Book Display

With this being such a “political year”, we have decided to focus on still another branch of the government for our February book display. February is the anniversary of the first session of the U.S. Supreme Court which met in New York City in 1790 with Chief Justice John Jay presiding. Come visit the Todd Library and learn more about the history of this governmental branch by checking out our selection.

New Posters at the Library

Come to the library to view our new posters highlighting Chicago’s History. They are reproductions from the Federal Art Project (FAP) made during the Depression for the Works Progress Administration. For more information about the project, see the American Memories section on the Library of Congress web site.