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Health and Wellness resources

The Todd Library participated in Waubonsee’s Benefits/Wellness Fair on April 19th. Information on health and wellness resources available at the Todd Library was highlighted, along with internet resources for health research. Librarians brought print and electronic resources to show and answered questions about researching these topics. Here is a sampling of what is available on these topics. Stop by to learn more and see all of our health and wellness resources!

These lists are just a sampling of what we have available in our library. Please stop by or contact us by phone, ext. 2396, or email,, to learn more about what we have available to help you find health and wellness information.

Books at the Todd Library

The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide.
Anthony L. Komaroff, Editor-in-Chief.
RC81.H38 1999

Mayo Clinic Family Health Book.
Scott C. Litin, Editor-in-Chief.
RC81.M473 2003

Physical: An American Checkup.
James McManus.
RA418.3 .U6 M36 2006

Magazines and Journals at the Todd Library

The following titles are available in our Current Periodicals section, arranged alphabetically by title.

  • Cooking Light
  • FDA Consumer
  • Health
  • Journal of the American Medical Association
  • Nutrition Today
  • Psychology Today
  • Yoga Journal

Databases at the Todd Library

The following databases are available through our web page. If you are off campus, just pick the database you need and log in with your Waubonsee ID and password.

CINAHL (a nursing database)
-Enter keywords for a topic.
-Limit to “full text” for articles you can read on the computer.
-Select search.

Health Source: Consumer Edition
-Enter keywords for a topic.
-Limit to “full text” for articles you can read on the computer.
-Select search.

Web pages


  • Use the search box at the top to find information on your topic.
  • Click on health library to browse by topic instead of searching.
  • Click just for you to find health topics arranged by men, women, age, ethnicity and other groups.


  • Enter your terms in the search box and click on search Medline Plus.
  • Click on health topics to read the list and find your topic.
  • Medical Encyclopedia provides definitions and pictures.

Healthy People 2010

  • This page provides information to help individuals and communities take steps to better health.
  • Use the link Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 to see the new guidelines.
  • Use the publications link to find out more about this initiative.

Late Night with the Todd Library

Night Skyline Clipart
Stop by for research help and a study break! The Todd Library will be open an extra two hours on April 20th. From 9 p.m. to midnight, we will be having our Late Night with the Todd Library Program. Drop in for:

  • free snacks and drinks
  • help with research
  • raffles for prizes like a jump drive and gift cards from Best Buy and Borders

Come by and enjoy Late Night with the Todd Library!


This bronze statue, Runner from the Garden of the Villa of the Papyri, is an example of the artifacts found at the site of Herculaneum.  More than 450 artifacts of this nature, including casts of the volcano’s victims, room-sized frescoes, and precious jewelry, will be displayed as part of The Field Museum’s Pompeii: Stories from an Eruption exhibition from Oct 22, 2005 to March 26, 2006.  For more information, call (312) 922-9410.
Photo Credit: © Mimmo Jodice

Are you traveling to Chicago over the next few months and looking for something interesting to do? How about visiting the Field Museum and checking out their new exhibit on Pompeii?

The cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in southern Italy, were buried in the 79 A.D. eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The story of what happened that day and why the two cities experienced different fates is told in this exhibit. Along with a variety of artifacts, you will learn what happened and why. Vesuvius has erupted 3 dozen times since 79 A.D. Today over 2 million people live in an area that could be affected by another eruption. Do we know if another eruption is coming? If you are interested in Ancient history, volcanoes, geology, archaeology or simply in a human story of a natural disaster (complete with human casts), you should see this exhibit.

The Field Museum has put together information about the exhibit on their web page at The Todd Library also has some resources you may want to see before or after your visit to the museum. Check it out!

Pompeii ed. By Filippo Coarelli DG70.P7P66 2002
Pompeii: public and private life by Paul Zanker DG70.P7 Z3613 1998
Rome and Pompeii (video) DG63.L5 1994
AD79: one day in time (video) DG70.P7 1979
Last days of Pompeii by Edward B. Lytton PR4912.L998 L2
Volcanoes in human history by J.Z. de Boer and D.T. Sanders QE522.B637 2002
Melting the earth:history of ideas on volcanic eruptions by Sigurdsson QE522.S5481 1999
Furious earth by Prager QE534.2.P73 2000
Why the earth quakes by Levy and Salvadori QE522.L48 1995
Consumed by the Volcano’s fiery wrath” by Pringle. Discover Nov2005 p. 73
Pompeii in North America” by Holden. Archaeology Sep/Oct2005 p.55
Pompeii’s burial not its first disaster” Science news 11/27/04 p.350
Pompeii’s ruins rise to tell tale of horror” Chicago Tribune 10/18/05
Visiting ‘Pompeii’ and finding clues to disaster” Chicago Tribune 10/20/05

Library Research Gets Results

In October, local Sugar Grove resident, Spencer Rees, came in to Todd Library for help on a Christmas present he was making. He was trying to make a model of the Hunley, the first successful American attack submarine from the Civil War, for his brother who is a huge Civil War buff. Our search found several books and articles, including a National Geographic article, and a web site for Friends of the Hunley. In less than 30 minutes, Mr. Rees sat down with pencil and paper and his research, and made several sketches to help him with his model making.

Today Mr. Rees brought the finished model to the library to show us the end result of the research. In several weeks, he had produced a beautiful wood replica of the Hunley. Mr. Rees explained to us the parts of the submarine and showed us how the 8-man crew sat. The submarine was only 4 feet high, and the men sat and used hand cranks to propel it. He told us how its torpedo was shot and how the sub was found after 150 years. He really did his research!
Rees with Hunley Model

Mr. Rees thanked the library, saying he never could have made the model without the help he received here at the Todd Library.

If you would like to find out more about the Hunley, see the following resources from Todd Library:

Campbell, R. Thomas. “The david meets the hunleyCivil War Times Illustrated 41:32(8) March 2002.

Friends of the Hunley.

Lipscom, F.W. Historic Submarines. 1970. (V857.L56)

Middleton, Drew. Submarine, the ultimate naval weapon : its past, present & future. 1976. (V210.M52)

Oeland, Glenn. “The H.L. Hunley: secret weapon of the Confederacy.National Geographic p. 82(20), July 2002.

Microsoft® Office 2003 Research Pane

The Todd library now offers the ability to search our library catalog directly from within most Microsoft Office 2003 applications. To activate this new feature you will need to install our Research Service. To install the research service you will need to download the file listed on our Research Tool page. Once you have downloaded the file to your computer, double click on the file to launch the installer and follow the directions provided on screen by the installer.

To use the service you will need to access the research pane in a Microsoft Office 2003 application. First select the “Task Pane” option from the “View” menu. Once the task pane is displayed you will need to switch to the Research pane by selecting the drop-down at the top of the task pane. After you have switched to the Research pane you will need to select “Todd Library: Online Catalog” from the drop-down box located below the search box. You may now perform keyword searches of the Todd Library Online catalog any time from your Office 2003 Application.