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April Book Display


Early Childhood Ed.April is the “Month of the Young Child”

With this in mind, the Todd Library has a display concerning Child Development and Early Childhood Education. Also, in cooperation with the Kane County Health Department, we  have a display concerning the Consumer Alert for  “Tip-Over Accidents” endangering or killing young children. Come visit us during the Month of April and check them out.

March Book Display

depression photoMarch 2014 Book Display

With the LONG bitter cold Winter we are experiencing and in conjunction with WCC’s information sessions on Depression and Mental Wellness, we are displaying various books and articles concerning Depression and Stress-relief. Come, learn more about both – and- Think  Spring!

February Book Display

greenest-US-presidentsFebruary Book Display 2014

In honor of past and present U.S. Presidents during this month of “Presidents’ Day”, we have a wide selection of books on their various presidencies. Come join us at the Todd Library and learn more about them and their influence on our Nation.

January Book Display

Martin Luther King JR.January 2014

85th Birth Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.

He was a Black Civil Rights leader, Minister, an advocate of nonviolence and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. Come learn more about him and his “Life and Times” at the Todd Library’s January Book Display.

December Book Display

joseph_mccarthyMcCarthy Silenced by the U.S. Senate

Senator Joseph R. McCarthy during the early 1950’s claimed that he had “lists” of Communists, first within the State Department and then he expanded his “Black Lists” to include others including Actors, film writers, etc. “McCarthyism” reached its height in 1953 when he held Senate hearings and bullied the defendants. When he challenged the U.S. Army in 1954, his tyranny was exposed on Television and the Senate voted to censure him. Come check out our collection on this infamous Senator and McCarthyism.