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November Book Display

November is well known for the celebration of Veterans Day but it is also the anniversary of two special statues that were added to the VietNam Veterans Memorial. The Three Servicemen was added on On November 9, 1984 then on November 11, 1993 the Women’s  Memorial was added to honor the 11,500 women who served during the war. Come join us and learn more about this turbulent time in our country’s history through our library collection.

September Book Display

U.S. Constitution’s Anniversary

September 17, 1787

This year, our country celebrates the 223rd anniversary of the signing of our government’s Constitution into law. At the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, PA, delegates from 12 states voted unanimously to approve the proposed document. Come visit the Todd Library and check out some of our collection on the history and amendments of this great document.

August Book Display

August 6, 1890

The age old controversy over Capital Punishment is again brought to light with the first execution by electrocution used to carry out the Death Penalty. This happened at the Auburn Prison, Auburn, NY. If looking for information for a research paper or “to take a stand”, come in and check out our collection concerning the Pros and Cons over this major and universal issue.