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June Book Display

The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union

Many people wonder why the  Soviet Union collapsed, considering its past status as one of the highly influential “Super Powers” in the world. Come visit the Todd Library’s monthly book display in June and learn more about the history of the Soviet Union,  from the Revolution in 1917 to the final collapse in 1991.

May Book Display

National Military Appreciation Month

Both chambers of the U.S. Congress have adopted a resolution calling for Americans to recognize and honor U.S. service members during May’s National Military Appreciation Month.

So with that in mind, the Todd Library is honoring them through our book display and memorabilia. Come join us in a salute to all who have served and defended our great land from before we became a nation to present.

Remember too, on Memorial Day, the one minute of silence at 3 p.m. local time to honor the military’s fallen comrades and to pay tribute to the sacrifices by our nation’s service members and veterans.

April Book Display

With the hosting of the Waubonsee Community College’s  Student Art Exhibit this Spring  in the Todd Library, we will be featuring some of our own collection of various books surrounding the ” World of Art and Artists”. Come join us to view the talents of our students as well as our vast array of art noteworthy books.

February Book Display


February,  2010

Traditionally, in the United States and Canada,  the month containing Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday (12th) and Frederick Douglass’s presumed birthday (14th) is when we observe a special period in which we recognize the achievements and contributions by African Americans. The first year of observation was in 1926 and launched by Dr. Carter G. Woodson.


Did you know that the United Kingdom celebrates Black History Month in October?

Come join us in the Todd Library and check out some of our books and/or audio-visual materials.