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Banned Books Week-Featured Author

1984Is Big Brother watching?  For Banned Books Week we are featuring George Orwell. Both 1984 and Animal Farm have long histories of censorship and challenges. Visit our display and learn about book censorship, Orwell and how issues like the Great Firewall of China and police cameras are seen by some as “Big Brother is watching.”

Sustainability at Waubonsee

Waubonsee has joined the Illinois Sustainability University Compact which sets out 12 environmental objectives for Illinois universities and community colleges.  Objectives being set include recycling, using non-toxic cleaning products and composting.  In support of this initiative the library has some new books on sustainability.

Stop by and get informed!  Be part of the solution.

Spring Break

Spring Break–and we are here for YOU!  The library will be open our regular hours over Spring Break, and we will be manning the phones and our Live Chat/IM Reference services to answer all your questions.  In Cancun?  Visit the library Web page, and use our Electronic Sources wherever you are!

Somali pirates

Our “In the News” display for this week follows up on the recent increase in Somali pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden, off the coast of Somalia. Check out our poster from UNOSAT, showing pirate activity last year.  UNOSAT is an agency who provides geographical information to the United Nations to help with their work.