The lives and deaths of academic library staplers

The average life span for a stapler at my library’s reference desk this past semester was 15.3 days. The most common cause of stapler death was exhaustion. An exhausted stapler would staple once, and then jam, entering a state of nonresponsive “stapler shock.” After a librarian valiantly unjammed it, the stapler would muster one more staple before collapsing again. Often we were not able to intervene before a frustrated student began assaulting the jammed stapler. One should not beat a dead stapler.”


One thought on “The lives and deaths of academic library staplers”

  1. At my previous library, when the average stapler jammed, we would drop it on the concrete floor – it usually knocked the bad staple loose; however, the dropped stapler itself would have to be manufactured out of reinforced steel and titanium to continue being put to such use. It was a case of the cure killing the patient.

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