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Lessons on censorship from Syria’s internet filter machines

“We cannot hope to record all the possible censorship-triggering events, so our understanding of what is or isn’t acceptable to the censor will only ever be partial. And of course it’s risky, even outright illegal, to probe the censor’s limits within countries with strict censorship and surveillance programs.

This is why the leak of 600GB of logs from hardware appliances used to filter internet traffic in and out of Syria is a unique opportunity to examine the workings of a real-world internet censorship apparatus….

At the recent ACM Internet Measurement Conference we presented ou rpaper detailing the relatively stealthy but targeted censorship system that we’d found from examining the logs.

Internet traffic in Syria was filtered in several ways. IP addresses (the unique addresses of web servers on the internet) and domain names (the URL typed into the address bar) were filtered to block single websites such as badoo.com or amazon.com, entire network regions (including a few Israeli subnets), or keywords to target specific content. Instant messaging, tools such as Skype, and content-sharing sites such as Metacafe or Reddit were heavily censored. Social media censoring was limited to specific content and pages, such as the “Syrian Revolution” facebook page.”

Lessons on censorship from Syria’s internet filter machines.

Daily Infrastructure Report (from Homeland Security)

Did you know that the Department of Homeland Security offers a daily infrastructure report?  Well, you do now.

The DHS Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report is collected each business day as a summary of open-source published information concerning significant critical infrastructure issues,

Here are some issues, from June 11 Report:

  • Researchers at CrowdStrike released a report on a cyberespionage group dubbed Putter Panda that possibly has ties to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and primarily targets U.S, Japanese, and European aerospace, satellite, and communications industries.
  • A fire broke out at Sorenson Farms in Grandview, Washington, June 8 which caused an estimated $1.5 million in damage.
  • Firefighters reached 65 percent containment on a fire that broke out June 9 at a Thompson Hardwoods wood processing facility in Hazlehurst, New York, when a load of lumber was pulled out of a drying kin and strong winds spread embers from that load to other lumber in the warehouse.
  • Authorities are investigating the source of a Salmonellosis outbreak linked to Proper Restaurant in Boone, North Carolina,

DHS Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report | Homeland Security.