Come to @wcctoddlibrary and check out some great #waubonsee student art! weeks 1 day ago
@dwrische @wcctoddlibrary I get all my digital audio books from my local library (or Yeah for libraries! — 12 weeks 16 hours ago
@wcctoddlibrary @wcctoddlibrary! I was so excited to write you this note...I was one of those 183 people! Thanks! — 12 weeks 2 days ago
I'm borrowing an e-book from @wcctoddlibrary right now and loving it! Awesome resource! weeks 3 days ago
@wcctoddlibrary, I love the "Cite This" option to show me correct citation info when I look up materials on your online library catalog! — 12 weeks 3 days ago
@wcctoddlibrary No, but soon - hey Daniel! And Stephanie! — 12 weeks 3 days ago
Wk 3 w/ #waubonsee -met w/ great library staff across 3 campuses passionate abt #libraries & supporting Ss/faculty/staff. @wcctoddlibrary25 weeks 1 day ago
.@wcctoddlibrary, Unknown library ("wcctoddlibrary"), sorry.. — 38 weeks 3 days ago
Thanks @wcctoddlibrary! I used Safari Books Online to read some great information in a book. Thanks — 41 weeks 2 days ago