What is the Difference Between a Web Site and a Web Page?

A Web page is the information you see through your browser by scrolling the window up and down. A Web site is composed of a group of Web pages linked together. A complete Web site is usually fairly self-contained, with pages created and maintained by the same "authors" and often housed on a single computer somewhere. The pages may link to or point to other pages that are not part of that site. We'll take a look at how to find out more about Web sites by looking at the "somewhere" later in this section.

As with libraries, Web sites vary in size and complexity. For example, the Todd Library Web site is a distinct site but it is also part of the larger Waubonsee Web site. This tutorial is a separate Web site with links to various pages on the Library's site (and elsewhere). As you'll see, both this tutorial site and the Library's site link to many other pages that are part of other Web sites.