What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is defined at Waubonsee Community College as:

"...representing another person's work as your own, whether intentionally through outright cheating or unintentionally through inaccurate or incomplete documentation. In this sense, plagiarism is more than the theft of mere words: plagiarism involves ideas, theories, insights, work products, projects and images-all collectively termed intellectual property. Authors, scientists, and artists own their intellectual property, so any use of this property without credit is the equivalent of theft. [Refer to Section (I)(B)(1)(b) in Code of Student Conduct.] "

Please recognize that the college is firmly committed to upholding sound principles of academic integrity and responsibility. Plagiarism, one form of academic dishonesty and misrepresentation, is a serious breach of academic integrity, and, as such, is considered a breach of the Code of Student Conduct.

Examples of plagiarism include:

What is not plagiarism?

For more helpful information on plagiarism, consult this PDF version of Waubonsee's Plagiarism Statement