What is a Style Manual?

Examples of Style Manuals

Style Manuals are generally available as books, although many also have Web versions or supplements available. The style manuals referred to below are available at most libraries and bookstores. Always ask to be sure you are using the most recent edition.

This list below gives the title of the book version first because the most complete information is generally available in the book. Be sure to check the book version if you are not finding the information you need on the Web version. The Web sites provided are most useful for details on citing electronic sources.

Note: Each of the Web links below will open a new browser window. Simply close the window to return to this page.

Don't forget to refer to the official print edition to answer any questions not covered on the web site.

These are only four of the most common style manuals, but there are many more.

If you are uncertain which style to use for your particular paper, ask your course instructor.