Looking for presentation at Copley Ctr on Feb 11 @ 9:30am.  This time I am splitting this into 2 separate presentations.  One for Informative and supportive databases (less so on books) and MLA citation help tools; and a second presentation on March 27 @ 9:30am on Persuasive databases/tools.(I don't know what the availability is at Copley anymore for a presentation room with computers.  I thought I read somewhere they were losing one of them?  If no such rooms are available, guess we'd have to do this in regular classroom)Anyway, if its overkill for someone at Todd to come out on 2 separate dates, I'm open to doing both Info and Persuasion in one shot.  Your call.  Class runs for 75m.  I may need a few minutes (10-15m?) of intro time if I don't get to it the previous class period.--David

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David Madalinski
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COM 100.02
Out of the Library
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02/11/2014 - 9:30am
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