Students will need to be prepared on how to conduct research for a short Informative report to be composed according to MLA guidelines. With regards to these reports, students will be required to focus on a topic that affects them directly and is being debated as part of the ongoing Presidential election. Therefore, they will need to know how to find up to date, reliable research / information through the library databases and from credible websites. These reports will need to provide information on the subject matter from opposing viewpoints, so as to provide balanced content.The goal is that students will educate themselves with this information prior to composing a position paper for their final essay of the term.My class meets at the Plano campus in room 210. This is not a computer lab classroom, which would preferable. I will do my best to request such a class (located on the first floor of the Plano campus building) for the time of the library tutorial.

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Michael Yetter
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Out of the Library
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10/08/2012 - 6:30pm
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