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Comprehensive full-text coverage of the Wall Street Journal  back to 1984 provides easily access to not only top news stories but also detailed information on the arts, sports, business, and popular culture. The source also indexes items such as editorials, editorial cartoons, and letters to the editor from well-known people.


This Worldwide Web site is intended to serve as a resource for students and scholars of U.S. history and U.S. women's history. The website provides learning modules in the form of mini-monographs, each of which is organized around a specific question about a single social movement. Each module contains fifteen to twenty documents that address the question. The scholar's edition includes the Women's Commission Reports collection, an archive of the publications and documents of local, state, and federal Commissions on the Status of Women from 1963 to the present.


World History in Video is an online collection of streaming video that gives faculty, students, and history lovers access critically acclaimed documentaries from filmmakers worldwide. Upon completion the collection will include more than 1,750 documentaries that offer a rich survey of human history from the earliest civilizations to the fall of the Berlin Wall.World History in Video is truly global in scope, covering Africa and the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania.


Contains news as reported in the major newspapers and news magazines of the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, and elsewhere in the world, distilling key news information every week from more than 100 major newspapers, news magazines, periodicals, and government and online sources into a researchable record.


World Newsreels Online: 1929–1966 captures full runs of many of the key international newsreels produced during the early twentieth century. Key collections include: Universal Newsreels, Universal Studios, Les Actualites Francaises, Nippon News and The March of Time. 

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An OCLC catalog of books and other materials in libraries worldwide.


Identify resources at your library and in the collections of the world’s libraries. Library users and staff use WorldCat Discovery to search the WorldCat database of electronic, digital and physical resources; to identify materials they need and to find out where they are available.


Provides fast and convenient access to the dissertations and theses, with many theses available electronically, at no charge, directly from the publishing institution.