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Provides access to full-text documents from over 5,900 news, business, legal, medical, and reference publications, searching national and regional newspapers, wire services, broadcast transcripts, international news, non-English language sources, U.S. Federal and state case law, codes, regulations, legal news, law reviews, international legal information, Shepard's Citations for all U.S. Supreme Court cases back to 1789, business news journals, company financial information, SEC filings and reports, and industry and market news.


Indexes more than 500 core journals, more than 50 priority journals, and 125 selective journals; plus books, research reports and proceedings.  Coverage in the database extends back as far as the mid-1960s.


A full-text database combining information from over 1,000 books, monographs, literary encyclopedias, reference titles, literary journals, and unique sources.


Literature Criticism Online is designed to provide easy access for readers of all ages and skill levels to excerpts from criticism of the works of today's Novelists, Poets, Playwrights, Short Story Writers, Scriptwriters, & Other Creative Writers.. Beginning-level users may simply enter an author or title and find a wealth of content, while experienced researchers may broaden or narrow their results via cross-searches on names of critics, journal titles, topics and more.