Copyright Information

Copyright Statement

Waubonsee Community College supports its students, faculty, staff, and administrators in the pursuit of teaching and learning and compliance with the copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, United States Code). It is the expectation of every member of the College to act as responsible users of copyrighted works, which includes being knowledgeable about the rights of copyright owners and making informed decisions based on the fair use exemptions to the copyright laws.

The College has a web page with helpful links to provide timely information on copyright and fair use and provides instruction in order to educate the college community on their rights and responsibilities under current copyright law.

Fair Use

The doctrine of “fair use” segment of the U.S. copyright law permits limited copying of copyrighted work without the copyright owner’s permission. To avoid copyright infringements, follow the four factors of “fair use.” The Thinking Through Fair Use Tool can help you analyze your use of copyright works.


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