Strategies for Academic Search Premier Exercise

This exercise is intended to help you become more strategic in your use of Academic Search Premier, as one example of an article database. It is also intended to help you learn to recognize various characteristics of the materials you find there. You can try a search for "our" topic to see how it works, then try it again with a topic of your own.

Connect to Academic Search Premier using this link. The link will open a new browser window. When you finish the exercise, close that browser window to return to the tutorial.

William Kunin is another author on endangered species we found through the library catalog. Do a search for his name (remember to use the Advanced search feature and to enter his name last name first).

  • How many articles do you find for him?
  • What "subjects" are given for one of his articles?
  • How long are the articles you found?

Return to the search screen (click on the Refine Search button). Search for endangered species, limiting your results to Peer Reviewed.

  • How many articles does this retrieve?
  • How long do most of the articles seem to be?

Refine your search again. This time also limit your results to articles at least three pages long (>3)

  • How does this change your search results?

Now, try each of the following with your topic:

  • Search for an author you may have identified in your searching.
  • Identify other subject headings from some of the articles you find.
  • Click on one of these subject headings. How many articles do you find? "Refine" your search by limiting to Peer Reviewed. How does this effect your results?