Second Level Evaluation in the Todd Library Catalog

Let's use this record from the library catalog to look at how much information is available to you even before you go find the book.

item information from library catalog

Here are the most obvious things:

  • The author is David Samuel Wilcove (also known as Wilcove, David Samuel)
  • The call number starts with QL84.2 which means this is a science oriented study. With a bit more investigation, you could find that QL is zoology. This means the book focuses exclusively on animals, confirming assumptions you may have made from the title.
  • The book is Available, On shelf  (if it was checked out, there would be a due date in the Due Date field).

Some less obvious, but important aspects of this books include:

  • It is 339 pages and includes illustrations (from the abbreviation ill. in the Physical Description field).
  • It was published in 1999, by W. H. Freeman and Co. (from the Publication Information field)
  • For this topic, is the date of publication important?

catalog record tab in library catalog

Worth noting:

  • This book is about endangered species and wildlife conservation in the United States (found under the Catalog Record tab).

So, how can you use this information to find other useful materials?