Second Level Evaluation in article databases

The second level of evaluation will be when you examine the information available when you click on each title in the list. Generally, you will see the citation information, associated subject headings and an abstract. Where indicated, the text and/or graphics may also be available.

As you look through this information, ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Who is the likely audience for this article? For example, can you tell if it is addressing the general public, scientists, teachers, or other professionals?
  • What type of article is it? Is this article directly communicating the results of research or is it an interpretation of someone else's work? Is it a review of the topic as a whole?
  • Is any additional information about the author provided? This applies especially to full text articles or abstracts.

Articles will often appear in more that one article database. Different databases may provide different information for the same article. Click here for an example.