Other Strategies for Web Searching

The best searches on the Web will often be those that are not searches for a subject. Instead, try these other strategies:

  • Identify particular authors or agencies important to your topic. The library has several resources that can help you identify agencies, associations and organizations. The URL for many organizations or agencies will often be the initials most commonly associated with that agency or the name they most commonly use. For example:
    • www.nih.gov is the National Institutes of Health
    • www.usgs.gov is the U.S. Geological Survey
    • www.fws.gov is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    • www.nra.org is the National Rifle Association
    • www.sierraclub.org is the Sierra Club
  • Once you have identified agencies or organizations that are important to your topic, explore their Web sites fully. Many have pages dedicated to current issues and leads to other information. You can also learn more about what the organization does and what biases it might bring to the information it provides.
    • The Virtual Library - a site that has identified and evaluated Web sites for many disciplines for many years.