Limiting to Refereed Articles in Academic Search Premier

As we noted before, limiting your results to articles from refereed journals is a good way to narrow a broad search. It is also a good way to ensure that the articles you find are of high quality.

In Academic Search Premier, the option to limit to refereed publications is found under the "Refine Search" options below the seach box(es).

ASP Limit

Clicking in the checkbox for Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals will limit your results to those articles in the database that are refereed.

In Advanced Searches you may also limit by:

  • limit to journals held by Waubonsee (check the box labeled 'Waubonsee's Holdings')
  • limit to full-text articles;
  • limit to articles that include reference to other sources ('References Available');
  • limit to a particular magazine or journal title (not shown above)
  • limit by date of publication. (not shown above)
  • Publication Type, such as periodical, newspaper, book or primary source document;
  • Number of Pages (use > to specify that the article must be a minimum length, e.g. >3 to find articles longer than 3 pages);
  • Cover Story;
  • Articles with images.

When might you want to use these options? When would you not use them?