Finding Books on Your Topic Exercise

This exercise is intended to help you become more familiar with the library's catalog. You can try a search for "our" topic to see how it works, then try it with a topic of your own.

Connect to the Todd Library Catalog using this link. The link will open a new browser window. When you finish the exercise, close that browser window to return to the tutorial

  • Do a keyword search on: endangered species.
    • How many records did you retrieve? (You may find a different number than in our example if records have been added or removed from the catalog since we did our sample search.)
  • Limit your search (as we described), by entering: endangered species AND united states
    • How many records do you have now? How appropriate do they seem for this topic?

  • Try each of the following with the topic you began exploring in the first section:
    • A keyword search
    • Sort your results and
    • Limit your results with other criteria

Report your results to your instructor (as needed/if requested)