Finding Articles on Your Topic Exercise

Connect to Academic Search Premier using this link. The link will open a new browser window. When you finish the exercise, close that browser window to return to the tutorial.

Do some searches on endangered species and/or the topic you began exploring in the previous sections.

  • As you explore, find out the answers to these questions:
    • Can you find "help" in the system?
  • When you are looking at a record for an article:
    • How much information is available for a given citation and/or article?
    • Are there suggestions of how to find other articles on the same subject?
    • Would this index be helpful for finding articles from 20 years ago and older?
  • Pick one citation from your results. Provide the following information about it:
    • Who is the author of the article?
    • What is the title of the article?
    • What is the name of the periodical (magazine, journal or newspaper)?
    • When was it published, include the volume and issue numbers?
    • What page(s) is the article on?
    • Is full text of the article available? If not, does the library own the periodical? (Hint: this will require searching in the library's catalog.)