Example Keyword Search in the library Catalog.

The words you enter into the Keyword search are searched against the Title and Subject sections (among others) of each record in the library's catalog. If entered together as a phrase, the words will be searched together, as a phrase. Words can be joined with an "and" to broaden the search to include both search words, but not necessarily together.

For example, if the words ENDANGERED SPECIES were typed into the search box on the Keyword search page, the computer searches through titles, subjects, and tables of contents (where available) for all the books and other items included in the catalog that include the words endangered species somewhere in the record.

At the very top of the results page you see "Your search for "ENDANGERED SPECIES" found 54 titles in Todd Library." This is followed by a list of the titles of the items.

What if your phrase doesn't find many records at all? Try broadening the search with "and" between your search words. In our case, endangered and species retrieves 54 items.

Do we really want to scan through lists that long? Luckily, we have several options for limiting the results.